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The Island Golf School

Professional Instruction for All Ages and Skill Levels
Thank you for your interest in The Island Golf School. We are located on the beautiful island of Hilton Head in South Carolina. We trust the information provided will assure you that The Island Golf School offers the finest of golf learning opportunities, administered by qualified and experienced Teaching Professionals. Our rates are affordable and our schools are conducted at world-class resorts.

About The Island Golf School
The Island Golf School is independently owned and operated by Keith T. Bach, resident of Hilton Head Island and involved with the vacationing public for over 21 years. Keith has been a member of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America since 1993.

The Island Golf School has three locations for you to experience an excellent instructional program while having fun doing it. Regardless, at each site the programs and the instruction are all equivalent. There are two aspects that distinguish The Island Golf School from other schools offering similar learning experiences.

The Teaching Staff
All of the Teaching Professionals have been carefully selected by Keith Bach, utilizing the criteria: understanding of the golf swing, ability to communicate that understanding, and most importantly, the caring respect demonstrated with each and every student.

Every Professional employed by The Island Golf School has received teaching credentials from one of the industries three primary teacher’s associations. Director, Keith T. Bach has a background which includes professional playing experience, over 20 years of teaching some of the best players world wide and working with several of the industry’s renowned Sports Psychologists. Keith is widely respected for his own abilities to apply fundamental swing theory to the variety of physical attributes and restrictions encountered with the numerous different golfers attending these schools.

On-Course Instruction Each Day
Unlike most golf schools, The Island Golf School takes the student on the golf course every day to reinforce the instruction from the morning. This program is vital for the student to apply the swing thoughts they focused on during the morning session and take it to the golf course. The student plays 18 holes each day on various World-Class Courses while 9 holes are with your Professional. We make sure the student understands course management, etiquette and the “Rules of Golf”.

Three-Day Golf Schools:
Your Choice Of:
1. Monday – Wednesday
2. Wednesday – Friday
3. Friday – Sunday
Four-Day Golf Schools:
Your Choice Of:
1. Monday – Thursday
2. Thursday – Sunday
Five-Day Golf Schools:
1. Monday – Friday only

Daily Itinerary
8:45 AM:
Meet in the Golf School Classroom for daily objectives, and brief presentation on golf related topics: swing theory, golf equipment, fitness, rules and etiquette of the game.

9:00 AM:
All students report to the secluded area on the practice tee for training, drills and video analysis.

12:00 PM: Break for lunch.

1:00 – 1:30 PM:
Students and Instructor meet at the “Course of the Day” for a 9 hole playing lesson with your professional, working on course management, rules and etiquette and instruction from earlier in the day. Under the discretion of the student they are able to play 9 more.

Special Note:
When attending The Island Golf School you play 18 holes each day, 9 of which are played with your professional working on course management, rules and etiquette of the game, and instruction. We play a variety of courses in the Hilton Head area during your Multi-Day Golf School.